Gemstone Thriller Series


by Garner Scott Odell

What happens when a pair of Mossad Case Officers search the world for a psychopathic killer intent on stealing a fabulous emerald he thinks is his inheritance?

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Fiction interwoven with historical fact always makes for an interesting read. This well researched book gives the reader snippets of history woven into the intriguing story line. Reminds one of the structure of the Red Violin.

Richard Lowell


Garner Scott Odell, retired after fifty years as a clergyman, therapist, and chaplain on cruise ships, now turns his passion to writing. After writing a successful historical novel, the written pages now open to thrillers surrounding the lust and intrigue that surround beautiful “rocks”.  Garner lives in California with his wife Grace, also a published writer, surrounded far and wide with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In between pounding away on his computer he prunes his roses and thinks up more chaos to commit to print.

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